There’s a lot to discuss when it comes to new car wheels. Not only are these items important for those who drive, but for the safety and convenience of all those around them. And even if you’re not one to be driving that often, odds are you’ll own one in the very near future when someone else will want it, so you’ll need to know what makes them tick as well.


Below are the top 5 best car wheels for 4×4 cars


1. Delhivern DZ-810


Delhivern DZ-810 is a 4×4 wheels Australia built with the JEEP cars in mind. The tires are designed for offroad purposes, providing both comfort and traction on medium to hard surfaces. They’re not exactly ideal for smooth driving though, so they’re not advisable for use on car rallies. The wheels are quite durable as well, making them suitable for even the roughest of terrain. Their unique design also looks good on any jeep car.


2. MRD 100

MRD wheel is an all-purpose wheel, which means it can do pretty much anything. It’s a good wheel for off-road use or even racing and track day applications but it’s not the best wheel for snow or ice. The one main thing that I would personally change about MRD 100 is the cheapness of its center cap. It does a decent job of protecting the wheel from any damages, but even a cheap flimsy plastic cap will eventually crack or break.


3. Bilstein


Bilstein is another wheel that can be used for a variety of applications. Some people like the wheel for road use, others for off-road and still others for racing. The Bilstein is also a very affordable wheel, which makes it ideal for any car owner who wants to upgrade their wheels without spending a ton of money.


4. Kingstar KSD10


Kingstar KSD10 is an incredibly durable wheel, which makes it suitable for any type of weather or environment. It’s somewhat heavy though and the tires are not quite as good as those on some of the other wheels that are available today anyway, so this isn’t the most ideal wheel for racing or track day applications. But it’s a good wheel nonetheless and one that can provide extended usage without the need of much maintenance.


5. ATX Series


ATX Series is a wheel that has been designed to be used on any type of terrain including snow, dirt, sand and grass. It’s also important to note that these wheels are made from forged aluminum, which means they’re incredibly strong but also very lightweight at the same time.