How to pick a good SEO agency in Australia

Written by: barbarasturrock

Choosing the right SEO agency is difficult, especially considering the many options. The good news is that narrowing your list of potential agencies to just one should be pretty easy with little research and patience. You want to hire an agency that’s not only competent but also professional, meaning they demonstrate the utmost care for your requirements and offer you their honest opinion on the best course of action. The following are tips on how to pick a good SEO agency in Australia:

  1. Make Contact

Make sure to contact the interested agencies and request them to send you information about their prices and services. Inquire about their rates, whether they offer packages or have a one-time cost and when their free consultation period ends. It’s also good to ask them how long they have been in business, what kind of past projects they’ve handled and who their clients are.

  1. Review Their Track Record

Ask for an example of their work and read it carefully. You don’t want to hire an agency simply because they have a beautiful brochure or a fancy website. Look at their portfolio, especially the kinds of projects they’ve handled, the time it took to complete the work, and what results came out of it.

  1. Look at Their Performance

Ask the agency for a link to their blog and read it. If it’s generic, the chances are the agency is not putting any effort into creating relevant, highly-targeted content. If they don’t have a blog, that’s another red flag. You also want to check if they have active social media accounts, if what they post is relevant and timely, or just something that looks like spam.

  1. Plan Your First Meeting

The first meeting between you and the agency should be a getting-to-know session. You first want to ensure that the people representing the agency are who they say they are. Use Google to search for a company address, reviews, and even their team photos. Asking to see their business ID or calling the agency’s number on their website isn’t enough.


Once you have all the information from the agencies you are interested in, you should be in a much better position to choose. Remember, the most crucial aspect of any agency is why you’re hiring it. If it’s to complete a project and make money, don’t waste your time with agencies offering free consultations and not planning on doing anything for you.